Outdoor cleaning mats with antislip effect

Honeycomb Black

  • outdoor cleaning mat
  • antislip effect on top and bottom
  • opened honeycomb holes  – the debris can fall through
  • without bevelled edges
  • using connectors the large cleaning area can be made
  • cutting for asked size
  • frost and higher outdoor temperature resistant
  • made from rubber compound
  • used in enduranced entrance areas
Size (mm)Weight (kg)Packing
1000 x 1500 x 2313,5Pallet or roll
800 x 1200 x 237,7Pallet or roll
600 x 800 x 233,5Pallet or roll
400 x 600 x 231,6Pallet or roll
Honeycomb Black
Honeycomb Black
Honeycomb Black
Honeycomb Black